Trent Blomfield Photography

I am an amateur/hobbyist photography from the NSW Central Coast, Australia. I have only been shooting photos somewhat seriously in the last 2 years (since I invested in an SLR camera). From there its gone from lenses to body upgrades.

I do concentrate more on Travel and Landscape photography. But I also enjoy having wildlife shoots. Though these are mainly at the zoo. I hope to invest in a good zoom lens when I return to Australia and get into some more action/sports/wildlife photography.

I will also endevour to to try to get a proper 'website' up. But for the time being this will have to do.

Enjoy the photos. Ask questions. And don't be a jerk.

Permalink Fires Highway on Flickr.
Permalink Tick Tick Boom on Flickr.So I’m back in Australia and went to spend the sunrise with a few fellow photographers at my favourite seascape location; Forresters Beach. My take on this mornings sunrise.
Permalink Pantanal Sunset on Flickr.Via Flickr:
After an early morning, a 5 hour ride to Miranda, Lunch, another 2 hours, then a 2 hour ‘jeep safari’ and finally a 10 minute river crossing we ended up at our lodge in the Pantanal. We sat on the patio and enjoyed a few cold beers. The sun started to dip behind the horizon, and colours started to transform, so out with the camera to try to capture some of the magic. 
Gear: D7000 and Tokina 11-16mm. Two images blended together. 
If you would like to use any photo, please contact me and I am sure we can come to an arrangement.
Permalink Praia do Resende on Flickr.We spent the whole day at the beach surfing small waves, drinking coconuts and eating tapioca. The clouds were looking unreal so I stuck around for sunset. This is a two shot blended image from that day. 
Where: Praia do Resende, Itacare, Brazil.
Gear: Nikon D7000, Tokina 11-16mm. 
When: January 2012.
Permalink Farol Sunset on Flickr.This was my first full day in Salvador de Bahia. Its one of the most interesting places in Brazil full of history and culture (candomblé and capoeira). Its the place where african slaves came to the ‘Pelourinho’ to be auctioned off to farmers. 
This day we spent day walking along the myriad of beaches. 
As the end of the day started to approach we made our way down to Farol Lighthouse. I was the only one ‘mad’ enough to get onto the sea urchin covered rocks and try to capture some images. This is my image from that afternoon. 
This is one of the only places in Brazil where the sun appears to set ‘over the ocean’.
Permalink Soldiers Beach on Flickr.One of my favourite types of photography are seascapes. This is from a local beach called Soldiers Beach on a Friday afternoon over summer. 
Its two shots blended together (one for the foreground and one for the sky). And then processed in PS. 
For me, the colours and texture of the cloud make this photo.
Permalink Cidade Maravilhosa on Flickr.Another one from the shoot a top Sugarloaf. It certainly turned it on for us. 
This one is a two shot blended image. One image for the foreground. And one exposure for the sky. I blended the foreground in using a luminosity mask on top of the sky image. 
I then went through my usual workflow: Clean, Luminosity masks (curves and dodge and burn), Alt Curves and Vibrance and Saturation layers.
Permalink Cidade Maravilhosa Panorama on Flickr.My first post on my “Photography” blog. Hopefully I can get a proper website up sooner or later as there seems to be a demand for it (especially if I keep churning out quality pieces). 
So this photo needs a bit more work to it. But I still think its fantastic. 
We had a few rainy days in Rio de Janeiro which we spent eating and drinking. It came to a Sunday and the clouds finally parted way to give us a glorious day. We were a little occupied with the beach, before we decided “Stuff it, lets get up to Sugarloaf!”. A cab ride, and a quick bolt up to the top, we were met by a crowd of people. Luckily most dispersed as the sun went down. 
And I managed to snage this 7 shot Panorama. As I said, it needs more work, sadly my MacBook Pro has died (DAMN YOU APPLE!!!) so I will have to wait upon my return to dial this one in.